How to Handle Phone Conversations as a Call Center Agent

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Published: 15th December 2010
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As a call center agent, your effective handling of telephone calls is very important in every transaction. Good customer satisfaction is the foundation of success in a call center business. Therefore, customer care is the heart of your job. You have to get the job done in order to meet the expectations of the customers.

Call center agents play a very critical role in ensuring the success of many businesses. Call center companies no longer utilize automated answering software since clients prefer talking to customer agents than listening to recorded messages from answering machines. How you handle your customers influences the relations of the company with the clients. Every successful business call is an added input to the company, thatís why you have to be expert in phone conversations.

Right from the start of your conversation, it is very important for you to demonstrate your willingness to serve the customer. You have to start the conversation with a positive mood. Always greet your customer and donít forget to identify yourself and your department. A warm greeting can set a positive tone for the conversation. You must answer the phone as soon as possible, speaking audibly, but not too loud as if shouting. Give full attention to your client; if you appear distracted, he or she will feel like youíre not interested.

Even if you are in a call center and your customers canít see you, learn to smile on the course of the conversation, because they can feel your smile just by listening to the tone of your voice. If you have the customerís name, use it when needed. Sustain the positive note of your conversation until the end. This will make your customer feel important.

To be an effective speaker, you must also be an effective listener. A call center agent must avoid monopolizing the conversation. Remember that customers want to talk, and they want you to listen to their every concern. Donít interrupt them when they are talking, but take note of details to have a better understanding of a customerís needs.

Moreover, always have in mind that the customer expects to talk with professional call center agents. Remain composed and calm during the entire course of your conversation, regardless of the attitude of your customer. If you fall short of this, you will lose control of the whole conversation.

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