Some Health Risks Of Being A Call Center Agent

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Published: 15th December 2010
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A call canter agent spends almost nine hours a day sitting in front of the computer. According to studies, 9 to 5 jobs can pose some risks to the health, particularly those that require graveyard shifts. Not only do they disrupt the body’s natural cycle, they also expose it to the dangers of bad habits and irreversible health conditions.

For example, sitting for prolonged periods of time have negative effects on health, such as lowering of bone density. Studies show that standing can be more beneficial than sitting. Standing prevents contractures or abnormal deformities. It also helps maintain bone density, and it keeps respiratory functions normal.

Also, some call center agents and even other employees who have 9 to 5 jobs become addicted to caffeine particularly those working graveyard shifts. Their bodies become accustomed to drinking coffee regularly that they become addicted to caffeine. Although caffeine has numerous health benefits, being addicted to it can have disadvantages, too.

Lack of sleep is another health risk that a call center agent faces, especially those who work at odd hours of the night. Sleep deprivation can cause dizziness and nausea, dry mouth, headaches, irritability and increased blood pressure. Aside from lack of sleep, another health risk faced by agents is developing carpal tunnel syndrome. A person suffering from this condition may feel numbness and pain in the arm, shoulder and neck area. It can be treated through surgery that needs six months for recovery.

Call center agents may also feel burning sensations in their eyes. This is caused by the long hours of staring at the computer screen. Although science has proven that staring at the computer screen does not affect the eye sight, doing so does tire the eyes out, which can cause eye strain or bloodshot and burning eyes.

Although there are disadvantages of being a call center agent, there are also a lot of benefits, one of which includes a competitive compensation rate. In most countries, it is one of the highest paying jobs available. Promotion is also easy as long as you give your best in your tasks. If you are considering a career as a call center agent, you should think about the advantages and disadvantages of being a call center agent before starting.

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