Time Management Practices of Call Center Agents

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Published: 15th December 2010
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Working as a call center agent requires a totally different lifestyle, especially for those working the night shift. Call center agents on graveyard shifts report experiencing difficulty in setting up a routine of establishing working hours and sleeping hours. Agents face a lot of biological, medical, and psychological challenges when working on night shift and rotating schedules.

However, a lot of customer service representatives and technical support representatives manage to overcome the challenges, allowing them to stay in a call center company for long periods of time. Proper time management greatly helps agents in coping with the constraints of the job.

One evident challenge that call center agents face is getting their bodies to adjust to a new sleeping routine. The body normally sleeps at night and wakes up at day, but call center agents working the night shift have to do the opposite. This not only makes sleeping more difficult, it also affects their social lives, as they wonít be able to talk to family and friends during daytime.

A call center agent must set aside personal issues when at work. Being positive while on the job is difficult when one is distracted by personal issues. Not only do personal issues affect an agentís overall performance, they also affect the integrity of the entire company as a whole.

A call center gives equal opportunity to single and married applicants, or to young and old ones. In fact, quite a number of call center agents are married men and women who struggle a lot in balancing time for work and for family. It is important to set priorities first and find ways to make the most out of available time. Proper management of tasks eliminates overburden of work.

Wherever you are, may it be at home or at work, physical presence should go along with emotional and mental availability. Family bonding and playtime with kids are proven effective stress releasers. Unloading household chores by hiring a helper and talking to a friend regarding personal problems helps in coping up with the extremes of this demanding call center job. A balanced work and life is possible through proper time management.

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